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Early Jitters II (2017)

Early Jitters II (2017)

  1. Old Searching New
  2. Political Affair
  3. School Boy
  4. Simple Rules
  5. Warboots
  6. You Can't Make Me
  7. Your Death Killed Me
  8. A Quarter
  9. Black And White

* Rough Cut Demo
Early Jitters IV (2019)

Early Jitters IV (2020)

  1. Guardian Angel
  2. The Pill Vs. The Mind Disaster
  3. Closer To Your Love
  4. You're Never Forgotten
  5. Put Your Lovin'
  6. When You Love Me
  7. Vinyl
  8. Give It My All
  9. Our Dreams

* Rough Cut Demo

About the Band

Early Jitters is a rock and roll studio band from Dallas, Texas and Jacksonville, Florida. It is helmed by band leader Sam Roden who is also the lyricist and lead guitarist.

Early Jitters was originally comprised of Sam, bass player and vocalist, Gregory (G.G.) Grant, drummer Lito de la Cruz and the late Carlos Serrano, lyricist. The band occasionally changes members as needed for recording in the studio. Most of Early Jitters' music is produced and engineered by Mike McClain of McClain Recording Studio in Garland, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

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